Thursday, July 31, 2008

127 and H U M I D!

Two supercool things that I forgot to mention in the last post. First, is that you readers and supporters out there did it! I thought it would be cool if we could break $5,000 in donations over night and have that great news to share with Dan to galvonize his spirit and you guys made it happen! As of this post, we just crossed over that milestone! Dan's going to be ECSTATIC!

The second cool thing that I heard about this morning was that Dan's friend Jessee Hope (an old friend from college days, and a mighty fine softball player I hear) was tracking Danno through the night. When Dan came somewhat near her city, she just couldn't take it anymore and got her husband Mike in the car and drove out to meet up with them. Did I mention it was 3:00am EST? Oh, did I mention she's 7 months pregnant? How sweet is that? No word yet on what her hundred yard dash time is. ;) Jessee, you get a gold star for the year!

So I know ya'll are wondering how Danno's doing since he started up again from the rough night. Well, the first five miles went ok, but then the heat and insane humidity kicked in. It was a unanimous decision to take a break, and let the hottest part of the day pass. The crew's gunna get him some more real food and give it time to digest. His stomach must screaming right now. Food and rest, while the peak temperatures pass, and then we're gunna jump right back into it.

I assure you, readers. Dan is ok, and not in any danger. Dan's super smart and he's not one to push the needle. Precaution can be a runner's best friend. Still need more proof that Dan's feeling good? This pic just came in 2 minutes ago:

If that's not a look of determination, I don't know what is. I can just tell, that he wants to be running. We'll get him going soon, stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Whew. I saw from the Sprint Family locator that Dan was way off track and was afraid they were taking him to the hospital.

This is much better news!

Keep it up, Dan!


Agent Em said...

Tell Dan that I'll be running and thinking of him between 4:10 and 5:00 his time today. And I hope he liked my haiku. :)

Kris said...

Thanks Chris for the update...those of us down in the basement of the US Capitol (including Dan's father-in-law) can't work for checking in on locator. Keep going Dan...we're all cheering and saying little prayers for you!

Anonymous said...

330 PM EST and i am aching for an update - looks like danno is still at his folks' place in wareham. Chris, do you know his ETA on getting back out there? i hope he's doing okay!
- Jenny G in MA

Stanley said...

He's asleep right now...crashed hard about 2 hours ago.

I expect him to be getting up shortly... I'll keep you posted.