Wednesday, July 30, 2008

45 Miles Down, and Dan Just Warmed Up!

Hey gang,
just got some new updates for you. I just spoke to the darling Amelia, who not only Dan's closest friend from college and Run 192 Crew Member, but also one of the sweetest girls you'll meet. She strapped on her running shoes and ran alongside Dan for a full ten miles between markers 25 and 35. It must be awesome for Dan having a good friend by his side after close to 8 hours of running. Here's a blurry cell phone pic!

As I mentioned in the title, with Danno crossing the 35 mile marker, he's already hit 45 miles(Remember, we have to add ten to all the mile markers because Dan ran an extra ten before starting the official course). This is a direct quote from Dan:

"I'm feeling strong and now I'm warmed up"

I wonder if the asphalt is helping to heat him up. Amelia says the road is radiating heat. She says "it's like standing next to a frying pan" It's mid-day and it can be the most brutal part of the day to run. Danno's smart, though, and he's playing it safe. He's got his ice, and is taking it easy on the hills. His training has certainly prepared him to take on the mid-day heat.

I'm sweating in my air conditioned office in Venice, CA just thinking about it.

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