Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Media Update: Channel 3

This is pretty cool. While Danno was running with Amelia, a foxy jogger came up behind them. She asked "Are you Dan Rose?" and of course he said yes. Well it turns out she was a news reporter for Channel 3 (NECN) and wanted to do a story.

Amelia describes that it was an interesting interview because Dan didn't stop to chat. They gave him a hand held microphone to talk into while he ran and followed him in their news van with the videocamera sticking out of the window. Dan and Amelia both had to play it cool for the cameras. No walking up hills during a television interview! Haha!

Thanks to reporter Jennifer Eagen for running after our boy to help spread the word. The story should air tonight in New England at 5pm and 9pm EST.

If it hits the net, I'll keep you informed.

Rock and Roll, Dan! You're a quarter of the way done!


Staci said...

I wanna know how Chris knew the runner was "foxy". GO DAN!

Stanley said...

Aren't ALL reporters foxy?

Actually, I think Elix told me she was.

Anonymous said...

i'm taping it! - Jen G