Thursday, July 24, 2008

Live Tracking and Updates

For those of you not able to come out and participate in person at Run 192, you'll be able to track my progress right here on this site. My best friend C.H. Stanley (out in LA) will be in communication w/ my crew every couple of hours, and he'll post regular updates. I expect a theme in his updates of:

"He's sweating a lot. He looks really tired. He just consumed his 124th Hammer Gel. He's now sweating pure Hammer Gel. etc etc"...

In addition to Mr. Stanley's updates, if you're looking to track down my exact whereabouts to meet up with me, click here, and follow these instructions:

Sign in: 617-256-8507
Password: run192

Once you sign in, you'll see a locate "Dan Rose" button on the right. Click on that and you'll have me pinpointed (within 100 yards or so). If you cross-reference my location w/ the Run 192 Map links on the right side of this blog, you'll be able to track me down in no time.

One note on that Sign-In phone number: Don't bother calling it. It is the number for the phone I'll have in my fuel belt during the run, but the only calls I'll answer will be from my Crew. Please don't abuse this!! Thank you!!


Stanley said...


(Snazzy countdown clock, by the way)

Jamie Donaldson said...


I want to wish you an incredible journey! You deserve it! You are very amazing and I feel very lucky to have gotten to know you! You are an inspiration to a lot of people! I'll be tracking you and sending you some positive vibes!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

This is amazing...good luck and congrats!

Sandy said...

Congratulations. I will be right behind you on bike. WOOOHOOOO I am so glad you are healthy..

Jack said...

Hey Dan,

You're rockin' and rollin'! Fantastic.

I'll be close behind you on the bike - launching tomorrow from Wellesley (this year - usually start from Sturbridge) - and I'll be finishing back in Wellesley this year too.

But whatever route we take - locations or means-of-travel - it's all for "The Cause"

Looking forward to seeing you again.

Jack Fultz