Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The 192 Crew Car

The Run 192 Crew is doing a fantastic job keeping Dan healthy on his arduous path. They drive ahead of him 5 miles at a time to provide a mobile support station. They have all the supplies Dan could need, like Hammer Gels in various flavors, stuff like Perpetuim and Success Caps. I have no idea what any of this stuff is, but it provides the energy and nutrients that a long distance runner requires. I hear "plain" is the flavor of choice for Danno, as the crazy flavors get old after dozens of miles. I'm sure the last thing he'd want is a banana-lime gel after a hundred miles.

But as you can see from the pic, the Crew's car also serves as a mobile banner for the Run 192 and Dana Farber's mission, and helps locals track them down. It's a silvery brown Nissan Murano. They've already had numerous cars honk their horns at them in support!

In fact, about an hour ago a gentleman named Marc saw the van and was inspired. He ran a mile alongside Dan! His Aunt suffered with cancer so he was very sympathetic to the cause.

Dan's been running for 9 hours now, and through his nifty GPS setup, I can see that he's in Franklin, MA now. He's making great time.

I'm gunna give Danno a donation report in a couple of hours. Let's see you guys out there can get over the $4,000 hump so I can give him great news. Click here and give 5, 10, 100...whatever you can!


JW said...

Yay!! I love that people are stopping to support him! Good updates, CH, even if my computer only *just* decided to reload my links....

Stanley said...

Good tip: If you have an rss reader (firefox has a built in one) you can have the updates sent directly to you!

add this rss feed to your reader:

JW said...

I've had this on rss for months, it's just that for some reason, today it decided to stop updating :(
But I've worked some magic, and it's back! :)