Wednesday, July 30, 2008

90s and the Fuzz!

Amazingly, we have a night shot of Danno and Cousin Erin!

She's already ran 10 miles with our hero, and will do 5 more before retiring for the night. Thanks to Erin for supporting Danno through some very tough miles. 90 miles is already quite an achievement for Dan!

Danno's taking it easy right now (as he should!), and having some much needed real food for dinner. He's got to get his energy back up for the overnight haul, and a man can't live on gels alone!

It's a beautiful nigh for running, cool with no bugs. The road right now is super clear. Soon, (When Erin's done) Amelia will don her super sneakers and run one more leg with Danno before getting her crew beauty rest. She's still debating on how much she can do.

I'm hoping to have a call with Danno tonight, and I'll give you that report when it's ready.

Another good story from the Run: The A Crew was on their way back from their break to join up with B Crew, when a car pulled up behind them. Naturally they thought the car was Uncle Rich and Aunt Betsy, so they waved and yelled and laughed. Then the spotlights of a Berkeley Mass police cruiser came on. WHOOPS! No worries, though, they weren't arrested for disorderly conduct! They explained to the officer all about Run 192, and he understood. In fact, he said that he just passed him a few miles back. "Tell him I said good luck!"

Even the law is on our side!


Jamie Donaldson said...

Thanks for the great updates! Please tell Dan his friend Jamie in Colorado is watching his progress closely and that I'm sending him some long distance endurance vibes for the night. He's got me so motivated--I want to go out and run! Go DAN!!!!!!!!!

Stanley said...

You got it Jamie! I know your vibes will mean a lot to him!